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wpe4.jpg (11964 bytes)I. Events

Asian New Year's Festival 2004

     Our Group was a proud participant in the San Antonio Asian New Year's Festival which was held on the grounds of the Institute of Texan Cultures on January 24, 2004.





Photos From the Asian New Year's Festival 2004:

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II. Links

Schools and Organizations:

     1.  American Combat Shuai Chiao Association

           Master David Lin

           388 Hwy 314
           Fayetteville, GA. 30214



     2.    Kung Fu Athletic Academy

             Sifu Paul Gerald

             1916   Fort View Road

             Austin, TX  78704



      3.  World Shuai Chiao Organization

            Central Texas Martial Arts

            Sifu Dave Pickens

            601 Great Oaks Dr. B-300
            Round Rock, Texas 78681




      4.  Dragon Martial Arts

           Sifu Gilbert Leal

         2341 Vance Jackson

         San Antonio, Texas 78213




Chinese Herbs and Remedies:

      1.   Tai Chi People

            Owner/Instructor-Sifu Paul Hwang

            2928 Guadalupe Suite 104

            Austin, TX 78705

             (512) 494-9191